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Common Storm Damage Scenarios

Weather can cause an array of hazards. When dealing with a storm’s aftermath, it can be challenging to know where to start. We understand the aftermath of nature’s fury, and we’re here to expertly repair and restore your property. At GalRestoration we understand that storm damage can have long-lasting consequences, such as water intrusion, moisture, mold, mildew, rot, and poor air quality. Our seasoned professionals assess structural damage, mitigate water intrusion, and efficiently restore properties to their pre-storm condition.  Your house will be in the care of seasoned experts who will put in endless effort to return it to its original state from the first call to the last inspection.

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Storm Damage Services

From heavy rain-induced flooding to tornadoes and more, CWF Restoration has you covered. Natural disasters can lead to significant damage, often resulting in structural or water-related issues requiring storm damage repair and restoration.

Ready to handle any type of storm damage:

Through our efficient repair procedures, our team effectively extracts water, eliminates odors, and helps you avoid costly carpet replacements, ultimately saving you thousands in drying and restoration expenses. Learn more.

Your property’s contents are stored off-site while specialists work to solve any problems within your home. Learn more

Mold can thrive in nearly any environment, often remaining invisible to the naked eye. Given its rapid growth, our expert team is trained to act swiftly to prevent its spread and mitigate potential health concerns. Learn more.

Our water damage experts go beyond drying visible areas; they locate concealed moisture within walls and cabinets. Through a comprehensive assessment utilizing moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras, they uncover hidden moisture. Learn more.


Rest assured, our seamless transition from mitigation to reconstruction/restoration division ensures all property concerns are addressed, guaranteed. Learn more.

Sewage overflows demand immediate attention, as the water may harbor harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that pose health risks and can lead to substantial structural damage to your home and plumbing system. Learn more.

When hardwood floors get wet, they can crown or swell at the edges due to limited room for expansion, requiring the expertise of a professional crew. In most instances, this issue can be promptly reversed, leading to significant savings in repair costs. Learn more.

Promptly removing any remaining water after firefighting operations is crucial to prevent mold growth and structural damage to ceilings and walls. Learn more.

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Storm Damage Repair & Restoration Process

"When a storm hits, trust your restoration company to have a well-defined process in place for repairing the damage. Read ours below

Step 1

Damage Analysis

Upon arrival, our experts assess the structural or water damage on your property. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D scanning technology, our team identifies all impacted areas, delivers rapid and precise estimates, and provides a visual walkthrough from start to finish.

Step 2

Water Extraction

Our professionals commence the process with comprehensive water extraction to prevent water from spreading within the structure and expedite drying. Powerful pumps and top-of-the-line specialized commercial equipment are utilized to eliminate standing water, whether visible or concealed from the homeowner.

Step 3

Water Dry-Out

After extracting most of the water, our expert team proceeds with the drying process, employing professional-grade dehumidifiers that circulate hot, dry air. This method effectively removes even the unseen water.

Step 4

Disinfection & Cleaning

The subsequent phase involves a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of the affected area to address potential health concerns. We utilize cutting-edge technology and well-trained equipment to thoroughly sanitize and eliminate any potential odors or bacteria resulting from wastewater.

Step 5

Restoration & Repair

Following these steps, your property may require restoration to return to its pre-loss condition. The restoration phase encompasses minor repairs or the complete reconstruction of affected areas on your site. Our professionals streamline the restoration process by managing both the initial damage mitigation and the reconstruction of affected areas.

Types of Storm Damage

Storm damage can be unpredictable due to various factors like storm type, weather intensity, and exposure, impacting your home to varying degrees.
Water intrusions result from damaged sanitary water supply lines. To qualify as a Level I situation, the water must not have been present in a structure for more than 72 hours, and the affected materials must be clean and in good condition.
During storms, power loss can occur, potentially causing a delay in restoration repairs, allowing water to sit for over 72 hours. In such cases, the restoration process advances to Level II, necessitating more extensive repairs.
Water damage ends up being Level III if the intrusion is from a source that is manifestly unhealthy, carries pathogens, or when the water has been in a structure for more than 120 hours. No matter the initial source, water can be considered Level III if it is allowed to remain in the structure for five days.

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Why Choose Galrestoration Restoration?

Our Main Priority is Mitigating Your Water Damage

Water and fire Damage Restoration In Houston and Spring
Gal Restoration, serving Houston and Dallas since 1988, provides fast, efficient repairs for over 4,000 clients annually. Our customer-centric approach prioritizes repair over replacement, streamlining insurance processes and offering free service estimates. We’re the leading restoration service in Houston, known for swift property restoration and customer satisfaction.

Fastest to Any Size of Storm Disaster

Gal Restoration is your rapid-response solution for water damage emergencies. Our swift action minimizes damage, prevents further harm, and reduces overall costs.

Storm Damage Specialists

Water damage restoration is at the core of our services. Our specialized team, equipped with extensive training and the necessary tools, is dedicated to restoring your property to its pre-loss state.

Restore vs. Replace Mentality

Gal Restoration boasts a specialized restoration team equipped with advanced cleaning techniques and tools for your property. Our priority is to restore, minimizing disruption, so you can swiftly return to your daily routine.
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