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Diligent and Expert Content Storage Services

Content Storage service Houston and spring Tx

When we gather all of your belongings, our expert team conducts a meticulous inventory and safely packs and stores them in our facilities. Simultaneously, the complete restoration process is initiated at the emergency site. This procedure includes direct insurance billing and additional services.
After the removal of your belongings, our team proceeds with the comprehensive cleaning and disinfection process. We employ specialized equipment and cleaning agents to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly cleansed and sanitized. This step holds significant importance, particularly in cases of water damage or mold growth, which can pose health risks. Our aim is to work swiftly, minimizing any disruptions to your daily life and expediting the restoration of your property to its normal state.

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The Process of Content Storage

GAL Restoration adheres to a streamlined process to safeguard your possessions and reunite them with you once your property has been fully restored.

Step 1

Inventory and Packing of Furniture and Appliances

Our initial step involves taking a comprehensive inventory of all your furniture and appliances, followed by their meticulous packing to guarantee their safe transportation. This meticulous process ensures that every item is accurately accounted for and shielded during the transit phase.

Step 2

Safe Storage at Our Secure Facilities

After the packing process, your possessions will be stored in Gal Restoration’s secure facilities, specifically designed to shield your items from any potential damage or theft. Our facilities are under constant surveillance, guaranteeing their security 24/7.

Step 3

Cleaning and Returning Furniture and Appliances

Upon the successful restoration of your property, Gal Restoration will embark on the cleaning and refurbishing of your furniture and appliances, restoring them to their original condition. This crucial final step guarantees that your belongings are returned to you in the optimal state.

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GAL Ensures Every Detail is Taken Care of for Your Peace of Mind!

Content Storage service Houston and spring Tx

GAL Restoration provides a comprehensive service that goes beyond damage mitigation to include cleanup and removal, eliminating any concerns you might have. After mitigating the emergency, we take care of relocating all salvageable belongings and materials, such as furniture and fixtures, thereby granting access to the affected area.

Simultaneously, our skilled team initiates the property restoration process at the emergency site. Utilizing advanced techniques and equipment, we eliminate standing water, dry out affected sections, and repair or replace damaged materials. Our process includes direct insurance billing, allowing us to collaborate directly with your insurance company, simplifying the claims process, and alleviating any finance

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